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 Product Overview

The technology is a sulfur forming equipment installed in an oil refinery or a natural gas purification plant, and the processing raw material is the liquid sulfur from the sulfur recovery device. The process renders the liquid sulfur into sulfur granules in order to facilitate for packaging, storing and transporting.

Wet granulation using underwater granulation method, large output, less dust, and low equipment noise design, it’s very simple and easy to operate and maintain. This particular technology finished in third place at SINOPEC Science and Technology Progress Competition and LJ has established a partnership with PetroChina and SINOPEC.

Product Features

The liquid sulfur is in direct contact with water for heat exchange, production capacity is high, and the yield adjusting range is wide (50%-120%).
The use of linear dehydration sieve for dehydration, screening, and optional drying system to further drying, high production, efficiency, good drying effect.
The use of sedimentation tank and sand water separation screen during the solid-liquid separation, separation rate is up to 98% or more.
Centralized control is realized by detecting temperature, liquid, weight and other parameters. High automation degree.
Low noise equipment design, less wear and tear, long cycle operation and low management costs.
Small occupied area, and low equipment maintenance and personnel cost.
The produced sulfur granules are uniform in size, high in hardness and low in grinding degree.
Low dust generated in production place, and less environmental pollution.

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